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In this close-knit world of globalization, it is imperative for everybody to remain in touch with like-minded people for professional and personal enrichment whereas simultaneously making significant contribution to the society. Kalinga Lanka Foundation offers a huge platform to all of its members from different walks of life to network with each other, share knowledge, cherish the Kalingan heritage of enterprise building and become a change agent for growth and prosperity of the society.

As a non-government and not-for-profit cultural organization, Kalinga Lanka Foundation intends to celebrate the common heritage and strengthen the historical relationship between peoples of India and peoples of Sri Lanka through multi-dimensional initiatives in art & culture, education, skill development, science & technology, tourism, business and other areas.

Benefits of Membership :

1. The Foundation provides the opportunity for lifetime membership through one-time payment in three different categories-Single Individual, Corporate and Institutions.

2. A brief profile of all the members will be appropriately placed in every communiqué of the Foundation such as website, brochure etc. This will provide an opportunity to members to know and network with each other for personal and/or professional reasons.

3. In all the events & activities of the Foundation, the members will be given the priority to participate where they will be entitled to certain privileges from time to time.

4. The Foundation will organize several B2B events and exhibitions where members will be given preferences for participation at discounted rates.

5. The Foundation will provide its organizational support to the cause of the members as per the objectives put forth in the memorandum of association.

6. Members will have the opportunity to voluntarily contribute in various organizational activities thereby strengthening the socio-economic cause of Kalinga Lanka Foundation.

Enrollment fees under different categories are:

One time payment for life membership in three different categories (with fees) are :

» Life Membership--------------------------------------------------------- INR 5,000 & above

» Annual Membership--------------------------------------------------- INR 1,000 & above

» Institutions (Academic/ Cultural) ------------------------------------INR 1,00,000 & above

» Corporate-------------------------------------------------------------------INR 5,00,000 & above

» University Students (Masters & above) -----------------------------INR 500 only

» Members of the Clergy-----------------------------------------------------N/A

(Note: The extra amount payed above the minimum membership fees will be considered as donation by the concerned member.)

Membership Admission Procedure :

i. An individual willing to be a member of the Foundation has to submit an application in prescribed form, and along with supporting documents to the President duly filled in and signed and recommended by a regular member of the Foundation. Application form can also be downloaded from the website or can be got from any regular member.

ii. The approval of the President shall be intimated to the member, his name shall be entered in the register of members, to be maintained in such manner & form as prescribed under the Haryana Societies Registration and Regulation Rules, 2012 and he/she will be issued an Identity Card of the Foundation.

Identity Card for every member : Every person admitted as a member will be issued an identity card containing his/ her photograph, brief particulars and membership category, duly signed by the Secretary of the Foundation.


Download the Application for admission as a Member of Kalinga Lanka Foundation