Message from the Patron

Shri Bhartruhari Mahtab
Hon’ble Member of Parliament of India (Lok Sabha)


"It’s my privilege and honour that I have been associated with the Kalinga Lanka Foundation as Patron. Erstwhile Kalinga had long standing relationship with Sinhaladwipa as Sri Lanka was called then. Trade and Commerce flourished because both were able Mariners. That also brought confluence of two civilizations which created an uniqueness in sharing each other’s culture. People were married and the famous “Khana Vachan” is still prevalent as a folklore in Odisha villages today to read the sky and forecast the monsoon. Today, the time has come to not only unfold the past but also to create conducive atmosphere for the future. The KLF has been playing a vital role in reviving the forgotten linkages between Sri Lanka and the contemporary manifestation of Kalinga comprising the present State of Odisha and adjoining territories in Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal.

My heartiest congratulations to the pioneer of the KLF and its Members for their constant endeavours to strengthen cooperation between the people of the two regions. I hope that the KLF will surpass all the barriers/hindrances to achieve its aims and objectives and to explore new opportunities for the welfare of the two regions. "